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Mandy Horton


I was born wide awake and conscious of myself being much more than my physical body. I knew I saw the world very differently to those in my family which created a void sometimes.


I became aware as a teenager that I was not here to live my life the way that it was expected of me to do so. I came here to break through some of the old traditions that kept us going over the same patterns/habits/feelings that we have done generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime. This wasn’t easy in that time as spirituality was only in churches. I didn’t follow a religion so it was going against all that was familiar to many...

Freedom was my deepest calling, as was to assist people out of their pain. I am deeply passionate about our Earth Planet and have always held such a deep love for her and her service to us. I feel such a deep respect for life itself and feel very honoured to be walking here this time in service of LOVE with Gaia-Earth Mother and through her Courage-Compassion and Unconditional Love I knew this to be a reflection of myself and embodied those qualities more and more over my life’s experience here.


I knew our bodies were the same. What I held within mine she also held within hers. Through this awareness I truly stepped in to clear any and all of my dense emotional wounding. I completely knew without any doubt how to recreate illness and disease, and create it into wellness. I put this to the test when I broke two toes and repaired them in a twenty minute process.


We have the power to transform our human density into and align with our Higher Light Being, bringing our super Human Powers into play. Allowing magic to show up, miracles to happen and to live our best life ever. 

Mandy x.

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