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Mandy Horton Logo


Mandy's Readings assist your highest potential, leaving you free to create your day-to-day experiences and use them for your highest good.


There can also be conversations with loved ones, or inspiring choices in creating your future plans.


Mandy draws her Guidance from the Divine Creator, Masters and Angels of Light.


Mandy works privately from her place of residence in Whangarei, one-on-one in your home, group bookings in your home, or one-on-one over the phone or Zoom.


$120 for 60mins.

$150 for 90mins.

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'Mandy is the official "oracle" for our little family. We have had several readings in the last few years...
- all of them accurate
- all of them have either taken place or are happening right now!
Mandy's connection to the spiritual world is unlike anything we have ever witnessed in a clairvoyant and I personally have tried many psychic services.
She has even converted my "once cynical" husband, who upon any large venture now says, "Hey lets check with Mandy first" lol.
Mandy has brought us so much comfort during very trying times, as the love she affords others is limitless. She is a true Spiritualist - and we are honoured to have met her.'

Rachael Kavanagh-Fuimaono
Franklin, Auckland

Mandy Horton Logo


Sometimes we may not require a full reading and just have a question we want an answer to.


Email your question to:




'This lady is the best. Well worth going along for a reading I have had three readings and they are always on the button.'


Mandy Horton Logo


These readings are taken from your date of birth and your name.


Mandy learnt basic numerology, then a few years later Creator showed her a different take on the numbers. This way of reading them is a Soul Reading.


The date of birth is the Souls reason for coming into this form. The name we hold holds the vibrational frequency that assists your soul’s journey in achieving what it came in here to do.  




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