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These one-on-one Processes are designed to bring awareness to, and remove traumatic emotional patterns that we have created from past experiences.


We hold these past experiences in the cells of our bodies and they in turn create pain and dis-ease in our everyday lives through sabotaging our happiness and joy.


Cellular Memory Processes will help in releasing these from your body so you can then create new experiences.



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'At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with a bowl disease (crohns disease). I was hospitalized because I had lost so much weight, couldn't eat properly and was very weak. I was put on steroids and other medication which I was told I had to be on for the rest of my life. I soon became well enough to go home. The next couple of years consisted of everyday medication and regular flare ups of my disease which entailed more courses of steroids on top of my everyday medication. I hated being on steroids as they would give me the shakes quite bad. During a flare up which could last week's sometimes I would need a toilet close by and fast. Because of this I would go nowhere, just stay at home and shut myself away. After a while my anxiety levels rose, my self-esteem was low and I couldn't handle being around a lot of people or going out in public. It was a struggle to walk to the mailbox!

My disease at times was manageable but it was always in the back of my mind and I was constantly paranoid when I was well about the next flare up and when it would hit. Some years after being diagnosed I moved into a flat with Mandy's daughter. After meeting Mandy several times she learnt of my disease through conversation and I became aware of her spiritual healing journeys. I was very keen to give it a go.

After working with Mandy and applying to my life/disease what I had learnt and what she had taken me through I was able to become medication free and have been now for over 11 years! Sometimes I get the beginning symptoms of a flare up and all I need to do is go back to what Mandy taught me and where she took me and that's where it stops. No steroids and no medication for the rest of my life!

Not only did Mandy help me with my disease she has also over the years helped me to overcome several personal issues through spiritual healing journeys. I will always be eternally grateful to Mandy. She is a loving, caring, beautiful, empathetic soul who has taught me a lot about myself and helped me through some dark places in my life. Thank you Mandy xxx.'

Mandy Horton Logo



As we are made up of two parts, body and aura/energy, We offer these to assist in attuning your body and spirit .


Life is a vibrating energy field and disharmony in this field causes all our problems. Working in the energy fields can release, emotional issues, physical ailments and pain and Past Life influences, also the removal of astral junk.


There can also be a gathering of fragmentation's by experiences, usually traumatic, in this or past lives. There can be activation's of the Light Body and Codes.

Mandy has a number of 'Surgeons' who step into her body and assist. They have some very highly advanced healing technology that has assisted wellness in many bodies that they have worked on.



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'Two years after a Cellular Healing with Mandy I had the chance to experience a table healing which blew me away, my whole body was sore, arms, legs and back. Mandy checked me out and found all my chakras were blocked, among other things, she worked on me and I could feel the relief instantly and by the next day I was feeling heaps better and after 3 days all the pain was gone.
I'm not sure how it works but it works and if I have any problems I get Mandy to check me out.
I have no hesitation in recommending Mandy's services. She carries these out in a very professional and compassionate way.'

Lynley Brown


Mandy Horton Logo



This is a very deep and intense program. Your Sessions are designed personally to fit your unique and individual requirements. 


Through clearing patterns and old programs of fear that sabotage and dis-empower, you can reach a state of inner security and wholeness. These old emotional states may have shown up as illness and disease in your life.


Through Cellular Memory Processes, Energy Field work and many more insightful resources that open you to your energy of love, nurture, and appreciation of your purpose here, you will connect into the fabric of creation and open new pathways and inspiration.  



Initial 40min. Zoom Consultation, then 7 x 90min. Zoom Sessions

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'Mandy is a great energy therapist with a real ability to make a connection and assist the body to heal by way of working with the energies of a person.  YOU REALLY FEEL THE ENERGY MOVING WITHIN - GENTLE BUT POWERFUL - here she is a natural intuitive healer i feel with a genuine love to assist her fellow beings.
I have experienced this type of her healing work first hand.  She is kind and generous with a loving heart - the requirement of a true healer.  One that gives without the expectation of getting something in return - this is who Mandy is - a lovely person - although may i say on first meeting her, her persona did not reveal this to me - however i may not have been tuned in myself.  From what I see she is tireless and works hard to help humanity within the healing fields.'


Mandy Horton Logo




These services can be done absently, most of the time. Some I feel I am to be there physically.


The energy field is picked up on the land, in the house or of the person and cleared of anything that is not working in harmony, bringing growth.


Often times there can be Spirit energies of the old householders that may not have passed over and not left. Also I am often guided to lands that are holding memories of war and battle, mostly Maori being Aotearoa.


In this work there is the assistance of my Tupuna and the Chief of the land we are working on. This is all about restoring balance.


$85 and Koha for petrol

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