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Mandy Horton Logo


Mandy's background in spiritual development informs sessions with metaphysical tools and spiritual insights into the human journey.


Her extensive background in the healing arts and teaching on platforms as a public speaker or personally in her workshops and classes, Mandy grounds her work on strategic skills, action planning, solid change and movement. 


$150 for 90 mins

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Mandy Horton Logo



Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of personal and professional development.


This mentoring- guidance program will assist you into self discovery, bringing you to a greater understanding of Self. Assisting you to navigate through your life's experiences, seeing the patterns and programs that you may be playing out and working through them to enhance your personal growth so you can begin a new journey of the heart.

As a Conscious Counsellor I will be sharing knowledge, experience and advice to assist you through your personal and spiritual growth.


We will not reach our full potential by only focusing on our personal growth. It is also required that we look at our spiritual growth which covers our mental and emotional balance.


$750 for 5 x 90min. Sessions (Zoom or Clinic)

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