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Mandy presents Intimate Conversations with Guests that also offer a second sitting with us, LIVE, sharing their expertise such as Clairvoyance, Mediumship, trance channelling, sound healing etc. All through Zoom and Facebook.  

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Mandy Horton Logo


This is a gathering of like minds and with no label of religion or cult. This is an open door to whomever feels they would like to share and with no judgement placed on you. 

A place...

  • Where you can be your true authentic self without pretense and fear.

  • Where you can give and receive without keeping account.

  • Where you can teach as you learn and learn as you teach.

  • Love self through others and love others through self.

  • Where you may freely ask any questions.

  • Openly offer any perception.

  • Safely share any experience.

First Sunday of each month:

Glenbervie Hall, Whangarei

1pm start: $20 gratitude exchange at the door. It's an open door to the public. No booking necessary. 

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